International Horticulture Product Marketing – How we helped gardeners find the world’s best rose

Anthony Tesselaar Plants = Product Marketing

Plant Product Marketing


Anthony Tesselaar Plants reached out to us to help them connect with more buyers at garden centers across the globe. From the AU to NZ and across the US, we have been collaborating with ATP for over 10 years. Whether it be a region of Lowes, Home Depots, or local garden centers we drove awareness and traffic to the brick-and-mortar locations for specific plants available there.

  • Video Production
  • Product Photography
  • Organic and Paid Social
  • Google Ad Management
  • SEO + Website Management


Plant Marketing Case Study

Video Production

We created video media to help drive awareness to local markets when plants arrived from the growers.

Product Marketing
Plant Photography

Product Photography

Showcasing the beauty of the ATP plan portfolio for organic and paid placement was enhanced with our product photography. 


Organic & Paid Social

We implemented a strategic social cadence with consistent organic content to build relationships with gardeners. Our paid social strategies successfully focused on awareness, traffic generation, and retail sales.


Paid Social for Product Marketing

Google Ad Management

We drove awareness and foot traffic to retail partners with a mix of display campaigns. 


We have helped ATP achieve optimized results on organic and digital campaigns across channels to help grow sales at third party retail locations globally. 


Horticulture plant product marketing

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